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Pioneering Mobile Training Institute in Dubai

Britco & Bridco, the best institution in the realm of mobile phone technology education, was established in the year 1998, in the picturesque town of Kottakkal, nestled in the heart of Kerala, renowned for its rich Ayurvedic heritage. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has earned us recognition from the Board of Technical Education, Government of Kerala, for our coveted Kerala Government Certificate Engineering courses.

From its modest beginnings, Britco & Bridco has risen to become India's very first exclusive institute dedicated solely to mobile phone technology. Our distinguished alumni now occupy key positions with leading multinational mobile manufacturers worldwide, a testament to the quality of education we offer.

Our dedication to quality is further underlined by our ISO 9001 – 2008 certification, showcasing our global outlook and unwavering commitment to delivering the best. In 2004, we extended our footprint to Dubai as the best mobile training institute in Dubai. In this bustling city, we offer comprehensive mobile training, operate the best retail store, and serve as an authorized service centre stocked with genuine spare parts.

As both an Academic Partner and an esteemed Industry Member of the Telecom Sector Skill Council, N.S.D.C (National Skill Development Corporation), and Skill India, Britco & Bridco empowers individuals with the skills they need to thrive in the dynamic world of mobile technology. Join us on a transformative journey towards excellence in mobile technology. Discover the best Smartphone repairing course in Dubai and experience unparalleled education at the premier mobile training institute in Dubai.


Creating and enabling customer centric, research and innovation Focused, global technopreneurswho would be the key drivers of communication technology industry.


To deliver quality and innovative training to mould World class Technopreneurs. Assure Eco- friendly, reliable Diagnosis and Fixing of communication devices. Manufacturing high quality tools and supply of spares to the communication industry.


The First Exclusive Mobile Phone Institute In Asia

20+ Institutes Across the Globe

Quality Spares & Tools

Pioneers in Mobile Phone Repairing & Training

Supply of Mobile Phone Technicians

10000+ Global Alumni Network

25+ Years of Experience

Expanding Globally

500+ Supporting Service Centres

The First Exclusive State of the Art R&D Division with Manufacturing Unit


Smartphone Training

Smartphone Repairing

Tools Equipment and Spare Parts

Smartphone Technicians

R&D and Manufacturing

Franchise and Consultation


As a Britco & Bridco student, I swear to keep ethics, values & morals. I will safeguard the privacy of our clients, Interest of the society & country. I also support an Eco- friendly Globe

أننا مركز بريتكو وبريدكو نؤدي اليمين بالحفاظ على مبادئ الاخلاق والقيم ونقوم بحماية الحصوصية لزبائنا الكرام، ونحن ندعم الكرة الأرضية صديقة للبيئة

میں برتکو اور برٹکو کے طالب کی حیثیت سے یہ عہد و پیماں کرتا ہوں کہ اخلاقی قدروں اور قوانین کا پاس و لحاظ کرونگا،اور میرے صارفین کے رازداری کی حفاظت کرونگا سوسائٹی اور ملک کے مفاد کا خیال رکھونگا اور میں ماحول دوست دنیا کی تائید کرتا ہوں

ब्रिडको और ब्रिटको क्वालिफाइड के रूप में, मैं नैतिकता, मूल्यों के कानूनों और नैतिकता को बनाए रखने की कसम खाता हूं मैं ग्राहकों की गोपनीयता, समाज और देश के हितों की रक्षा करूंगा। मैं पृथ्वी को पर्यावरण अनुकूल बनाये रखने का भी समर्थन करता हूँ